How to
Resolve 80% of Findings
On Time

PLUS: How to Cut Your Administrative Time by 50%


C U S T O M E R S I N C L U D E:

The Findings Accountability Framework™:
3 Proven Strategies to Resolve Findings Quickly

Many credit unions have solid audit programs. But managing the process and keeping spreadsheets up to date can burn a lot of time. And in spite of all your hard work, findings are often not resolved like they should be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

After 25 years automating key operational processes for credit unions, I’ve discovered 3 strategies that will resolve 80% of your findings on schedule, with 50% less admin time than you're spending now. And in this Masterclass, I'm sharing with you these 3 proven strategies so you can experience the same great results that other credit unions have seen.


What We'll Cover in the Masterclass Together:

Strategy #1:
Create a Structure
that Performs

How to create a structure
to organize your findings
so that nothing slips through
the cracks.

Strategy #2:
Empower Your
Business Units

How smart audit executives work with their business units to achieve consistent results week after week, month after month.

Strategy #3:
Communicate Like
a Master

How to communicate to achieve clarity and transparency across your organization, with no surprises.

A B O U T Y O U R H O S T:

Brad Powell

Hi, I'm Brad, a 25-year credit union industry veteran, and founder of Redboard.

Over the last 25 years, I've specialized in automating key processes for credit unions. Processes like lending applications, payment processing, BSA monitoring, and audit workflows.

And for the last 5 years, I've been completely focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of audits and examinations, working with credit unions of all sizes.



Chris Lindauer
Director of Internal Audit
Together Credit Union

"The framework presented in the class was valuable and I walked away with several takeaways. It was definitely worth my time."

Casey McIntosh
VP Risk Management
Del Norte Credit Union

"The class helped me identify key areas to focus on as I take our audit operation to the next level."

Olivia Whipple
Founder, The Audit Library
Former CAE, Sharonview FCU

"Tracking audit issues manually is always a nightmare. Brad has great insight into how to organize the process. I wish I knew about these techniques when I was a credit union audit executive."

Kevin Plunkett
Director of Internal Audit
Family Trust FCU

"Brad has a great understanding of the problems we typically face as credit union auditors. The webinar content addresses those problems head on, and his presentation style is engaging. Fantastic webinar--highly recommended."